As humans, we are beings of social relationships and communication. These relationships can be a source of joy, appreciation and fulfilment but at times also challenging. Much of the stress we experience originates in relationships.

The Interpersonal Mindfulness practice helps us cultivate more awareness in relationships and develop a wiser way of being in contact with ourselves and others. It gives the opportunity to notice and let go of unhelpful patterns in our communication and be more mindful with those around us in daily life.

Join me for this 2,5 workshop on a Saturday morning, with individual meditation and reflective practice. A great way to start your weekend.

Open to everyone with basic meditation experience.

This workshop may also be taken as an introduction to the 8-week Interpersonal Mindfulness Program (IMP) in 2024.


November 18, 2023
10:00 – 12:30 hrs CET

Lot Heijke, IMP and mindfulnessteacher.

Online event:
Event takes place on Zoom. You will receive a link after registration.