Silence, compassion and joy: silent 5-day retreat
Join us July 9-14, 2023 for a summer retreat. A special opportunity to meditate together and to deepen your understanding of mindfulness. To calm the mind, gain insights and recharge your batteries. The quiet and beautiful venue offers a supportive setting for this. Suitable for those relatively new to meditation, as well as for more experienced meditators.

The focus of the retreat is the practice of mindfulness and compassion. We will be in silence for most of the time. The program consists of meditation, walking and mindful movement daily. Guidance, instructions, talks as well as a possibility for (personal) exchange are being offered throughout the program, too.

For whom?
This retreat welcomes participants with (some) meditation experience, at least an 8-week mindfulnesstraining (such as MBSR or MBCT). When in doubt, please don’t hesitate to email us.

→ New to retreats? Read more about the program and what to expect on a silent retreat.

We stay at Statek Salajna, a beautiful former farmhouse in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic, bordering Germany. The village of Salajna has a train station and can be reached by train from Prague, Cheb or Nürnberg (Germany). Your stay includes accomodation and all vegetarian meals. There is a limited amount of single rooms available.

Dates & times
The retreat is from  Sunday July 9 – Friday July 14, 2023. You are welcome to arrive at 16:00 on the opening day. The program starts at 17:00 hrs,  and ends at 12:30 after lunch on the closing day.

– Accomodation: € 385 (shared) | € 475 (single room). Costs include your room and all meals.
– Teaching: donation-based*. At the end of the retreat you are invited to give a donation to the teacher.

* Why ‘donation-based’ ?
The invoice you receive for this retreat, only covers costs for accomodation and food. The teaching being donation-based, hopefully allows as many people as possible to participate.

During the retreat, the teaching team takes care of the retreatants; guiding, teaching, and holding a safe space for each participant to support their meditation practice in the best possible way. The teachers do not get a fee for their work. This means that teachers must in turn rely on the generosity of the participants to support them. At the end of the retreat there is an opportunity to give a donation for the teacher(s).
In the ancient buddhist tradition, the offering of teaching and donations is seen as a practice of generosity. Generosity opens the heart. It develops kindness and compassion, it encourages to let go, and it makes us more aware of our interconnectedness.


July 9-14, 2023

START: 17:00 hrs on the opening day (arrival from 16:00 hrs)
END: 12:30 with a lunch on the last day.

Lot Heijke, meditation and yoga teacher, with Krýstina Drozdová, mindfulness teacher (ass.)

Salajna Statek
Czech Republic, bordering Germany

Costs for accomodation: €385 (shared) or €475 (single room). Limited number of single rooms available.
Costs for teaching: donation-based. At the end of the retreat you can give a donation for the teacher.

For whom:
This retreat welcomes participants who are starting and those who are more experienced. Participants should at least have basic meditation experience, for instance an 8-week mindfulnesstraining (MBSR or MBCT). Please email us if you have any questions about your participation.