October 6-11, 2024
October 6-11, 2024
Bad Zwesten near Kassel (Germany)

This retreat offers the opportunity to deepen your meditation practice in the safe setting of a group, and to experience self-compassion practices. The beautiful venue, set in the forest, supports the meditative process.

The retreat consists of alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation and regular practice of mindful bodywork. Self-compassion exercises as well as talks and the opportunity for individual or small group discussions with the teacher, are part of the program. In addition to the group practice periods, there will also be enough time for individual retreat and rest periods.

After introductory explanations of the programme, space for questions and an opening and introductory round, the retreat will be held mainly in silence. Silence supports the practice of the exercises and is a wonderful opportunity to be completely with oneself and not to let the mind be distracted by the usual distractions, but to allow it to come to rest.

Target group
The retreat welcomes people with (basic) experience in mindfulness meditation, e.g. acquired through an MBSR or MBCT course or other meditative practice paths. It is also suitable for people who teach mindfulness-based programs (MBSR, MBCT, etc.) as it meets requirements for continuing education.

More information and registration
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Silent retreat with insight meditation, (self-)compassion and yoga.

October 6-11, 2024

Lot Heijke, MBSR trainer & meditation teacher

Bad Zwesten (near Kassel, Germany)

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