Günter Hudasch

MBSR- and Mindfulness Teacher, Organisational consultant, Coach, Psychotherapist (HP) and Biologist.

MBSR-Teacher and Mindfulnesstrainer since 2004 (MBSR Training at IAS and with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli). Mindfulness practice in Vipassana and Thich Nath Hanh Traditions. Teaching mindfulness in companies, public administration and Universities and also training mindfulness teachers for the work in companies. Training experience in several research projects (Resource-Project by Prof. Dr. Tanja Singer at „Max-Planck-Institut für Soziale Neurowissenschaft Leipzig“ and in „Mind and Brain School at Humboldt University Berlin“. Graduated in Biologie and Environmental information management. Trained in Organisational Developement, NLP, Gestalt, Psychotherapie. Cofounder and president of the german MBSR – MBCT Teachers association and board Member of the European Association of mindfulness teachers associations www.eamba.net. . In mindfulness I found a strong foundation in the midst of the challenges of life. And I am deeply convinced that it will in the future be a competence that everybody will be learning like reading or writing.