Continuing with mindfulness?

Supporting your personal and professional practice

Do you have (some) experience with mindfulness? And are you looking for possibilities to continue and deepen your practice, on a personal or professional level? Join me for further practice and training.

If you wish to deepen your personal experience with mindfulness and meditation, I offer follow-up training, different workshops and retreats. If you are passionate about mindfulness and would like to train professionally in order to pass this on to others, you can find MBSR / MBCT teacher training here. And if you are already a mindfulness professional, join me in continuous education, teacher workshops, supervision, retreats, or the Mindfulness supervision training.


“hier komt een uitgebreidere ervaring van een ervaringsdeskundige. Het mogen ook een paar korte opmerkingen/feedback zijn die iets zeggen over de opleiding of wat het opleverd.”

– Voornaam Achternaam