Irene Willemsen

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and mindfulnessteacher.

Irene has taught mindfulness in a psychology practice in Rotterdam and Utrecht (the Netherlands) for more than 10 years. Additionally, Irene has also been teaching mindfulness in companies and schools. For a number of years now, she has been working as a teacher-trainer and supervisor for a mindfulness teacher-training program.

Irene: “In my work as a psychologist and therapist, I have always experienced my own mindfulness practice as a wonderful enrichment and support. ‘Presence’ is the basis for a therapeutic relationship as well as for the groups I teach. Participating in retreats and ongoing professional training helps me to keep this presence awake, to develop and maintain it. Practice and study of the dharma both support my own humanity and the work I love doing: guiding people in how they can handle the obstacles, the pains and the joys in life.”