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About me & the team

Rooted in mindfulness

Essential to my teaching is the principle that mindfulness is more than a ‘nice to have’ technique. It is a profound and transformational method that one can only teach from solid experience. The teaching that I and my colleagues provide, is based on many years of personal practice. Besides mindfulnessteachers, we are also yoga-, meditation- and/or dharmateachers. And we remain practitioners …

Teachers’ community

Our teaching team are all longstanding and highly experienced trainers. We belong to the ‘first generation’ of certified teachers and trainers in Europe. Over the years, we have trained hundreds of MBSR / MBCT teachers worldwide. We all have extensive mindfulness experience, and enjoy teaching in various international training programs. Some of us were involved in setting up professional associations for mindfulness teachers in our own country or in Europe. We value the support of a community of teachers for our work.

Lot Heijke

Teacher, trainer, supervisor. Mindfulnessteacher, certified with CFM (Center for Mindfulness, Massachusetts, USA). Meditation teacher, mentored in her dharmatraining by Sylvia Boorstein; trained as a yogateacher in the Netherlands and in the USA, and a certified supervisor.

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I enjoy working with:


Camilla Sköld

Camilla Sköld, PhD is a registered physiotherapist with a basic training in cognitive relational psychotherapy and a certified teacher trainer in MBSR at CFM (USA). Camilla teaches in the Mindfulness supervision training.
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Günter Hudasch

MBSR teacher-trainer, Organisational consultant, Coach, Psychotherapist (HP) and Biologist.
Günter teaches in the Mindfulness Supervision training and MBSR teacher training.
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Irene Willemsen

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, MBSR/MBCT teacher-trainer and supervisor.
Irene teaches in the MBSR teacher training.
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Petra Meibert

Psychologist and Psychotherapist, MBSR/MBCT-Teacher Trainer, supervisor and author.
Petra teaches in the MBSR teacher training and in the Mindfulness Supervision training.
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