Supervision: getting, giving, learning

Individual supervision and coaching

For professionals working with other people, supervision is an essential part of the work. To stay fresh, sharp and connected, whether you are a beginner, or a senior with many years’ experience.

Supervision can make you look at your work with fresh eyes. It is meant to support and motivate you in the process, and to enable the development of good practice – and this is all for the benefit of your participants / clients.

You can come to supervision with a particular question or theme that is alive in your work, and you can also come for a series of supervisions to explore your work more broadly over a longer period, looking at what is helpful and what is challenging, where patterns are present, and where you might like to try out a new approach. I like to work with the themes that are important for you at this moment, and that you would like to look into further.

Themes that supervisees bring to the sessions are:

  • Some sessions are always the same, I notice it does not have the same ‘freshness’ as when I started

  • In inquiry, I tend to always ask the same questions. I wonder if I could make my inquiries more meaningful and effective

  • I get stuck in some sessions, or with some themes

  • I notice I avoid addressing certain themes, or dynamics in the group

  • When participants experience resistance, I am not quite sure how to work with this.

How does it work?

You are welcome for one or more sessions focusing on a specific question or theme, but you can also arrange a set of supervision sessions where you can look at your work more extensively and explore themes as you go along. Usually, in every session topics come up that are useful to explore. Please fill in the form on this page to contact me.

Individual supervision / coaching

You are also welcome for sessions about more personal themes. If you are looking for more balance in your life, if you wish to explore new directions, or learn to handle stress, work, or health issues in a better, more supportive way.

In our sessions, we explore the themes you bring. I don’t offer therapy, but help you to get more clarity about your situation, about challenges and places where you feel connected, and the direction you would like to go to. Our approach is mindfulness: to pause with whatever is present in the moment and look at it with curiosity, and without the need to immediately assess and judge yourself. Our first reaction is often to go into doing, problem-fixing, working harder and getting rid of what is unpleasant. Paradoxically, pausing and looking into the experience can lead to more insight into the bigger picture, and to possible next steps.

Let’s meet

The question you bring is the central focus in my supervision. In every session, I find it important to create a safe and open space for you to explore as well as to try out new things. I am engaged, pragmatic, and clear. If possible I like to bring some lightness and humor to our conversation.

Fill in the form to get in touch. Or phone me for an introductory call where we can discuss your ideas and needs, and plan some sessions.  I evaluate our supervision regularly, so that I know we are on the same page. I look forward to connecting with you.


For whom:

  • mindfulness teachers and coaches, and other professionals;
  • individual guidance on personal themes or meditation practice

Supervision can be taken individually or with a group of colleagues.
Individual supervision and coaching is offered online via Zoom. The sessions are one hour. Group supervision may be arranged differently upon consultation.

Supervision can be done in English, Dutch or German.

The fee for a one-hour session is € 80. When supervision is done in a context of professional training, the sessions are VAT exempt. For group supervision, please contact me to discuss duration and fee.

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