Two-day online workshop on April 1 & 8, 2023
Developing more skills and ease in mindfulness inquiry

Inquiry is one of the important tools of a trainer. At the same time, it can also be the most challenging part of teaching, as it requires exploration and presence, rather than knowledge and a list of questions. A very different role from that of a teacher or therapist.

Working form
These two days are highly interactive. We alternate various inquiry practices with theory and background and reflect on this particular art of dialogue. In trying out different inquiry forms we can find out which forms land well and which ones may be less effective. Rather than going for the perfect questions, we will practice in a playful way which allows for a relaxed attitude. Paradoxically, this helps being more in connection and able to explore with the participants in a more meaningful way.

A workshop for all teachers who like to refresh or deepen their inquiry skills and develop more ease in the group dialogue. Learn to move away from the usual set of “right questions” and instead connect better to what your participants really need.

The past period has shown that learning and practising Inquiry is very well possible via Zoom. For easy digestion of the program, we regularly take breaks and mindfulness practices. This proves to be a good formula for online day programs.

What you learn
After attending this workshop:

  • you will have a better understanding of the role and application of inquiry;
  • you will have knowledge of and experience with the various forms of inquiry;
  • you are more comfortable in the dialogue with individual participants;
  • you will have greater skill in tuning into the group process.

Experiences of participants in previous Inquiry workshops:

“I was always focused on asking the right questions and found it awkward when participants brought in issues that did not match my list of things to ask! In this workshop, I have learned to react to what comes up in the group with more ease.”

“This workshop gave me the courage to meet participants’ experiences without the ‘same old’questions. This definitely provides more relaxation.”


April 1 & 8, 2023.
Both days from 10:00-16:30 hrs CET (check your timezone here)

For whom: this workshop welcomes starting as well as experienced teachers of MBSR, MBCT and other mindfulness-based programs.

Lot Heijke, MBSR teacher, trainer & supervisor

Online information:
You will receive a Zoom link before the start.